Harmony in Diversity

Sandeza’s mission is to play a key role in leveraging the global technology revolution to benefit our customers.

We are a business-oriented, customer centric technology solutions company, founded by professionals experienced in technology delivery tailored to business outcomes.

Our engineers and technologists build solution platforms based on our CX framework by leveraging our experience in DB, CRM, AI, ML & Cloud Technologies to enhance customer experience solutions.


Faces Behind Sandeza's Success


Prabhu Shankar


Prabhu Shankar is CEO of Sandeza. With 3 decades of experience in the IT services industry, Prabhu is finely tuned to the customers requirements for technology services at the best value.

Karthik Santhanam


Karthik Santhanam is CTO of Sandeza. With 3 decades of experience in Technology adoption for business, Karthik is adept at tailoring the best-fit technology solution for customers.

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